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It’s no secret that Motherhood is the most impactful relationship of your life.

The problem is, you get so caught up in playing the role of ‘Mom,’ that sometimes you forget that Motherhood is a partnership between you and your child.

This happens, at no fault of your own.
You have spent years learning ‘what a good Mom looks like and does’ well before you became a Mother yourself. This conditioning packed with the slide show of Merry Motherhood on social media leaves very little room for honoring and recognizing what Motherhood really is….a messy and beautiful twisted tale of helping little ones grow while constantly learning to transition, shift, and grow yourself.
It’s no wonder why you feel overwhelmed, not good enough (aka GUILTY), or simply frustrated by the tasks that this relationship constantly asks you to step up to meet!
Thankfully, I have a solution for you!

The Mommy Matters Summit hosts 25 global experts who share their best practices and proven systems so you can learn how to feel more centered, in control, and respected as a Mom. 

Can you imagine truly enjoying the twists and turns that emerge throughout your journey of Motherhood?

Or simply managing the constant change with more ease than you have had before?

What would this relationship as Mom, mean for you if you felt more present, connected, and calm while you went down the road of Motherhood together with your child?

If you’re ready for more calm, joy and connection in your everyday motherhood, this summit is for you!

What other mommies are saying:

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you for this helpful, beautiful and energizing summit. I am very much enjoying the different tools from each speaker, and many parts of their talks resonate with me. Thank you for taking the time to organize such a needed summit during this difficult pandemic time.

I liked the length of the interviews keeping them around a half hour. I loved this summit. It has helped me to not feel alone, to learn to find the joy in my daughter, to forgive myself (still working on that) for not being able to do it all, to change my expectations, and to continue to get help especially with excessive worrying and intrusive thoughts, and that it’s all going to be okay I’m doing the best I can. Thank you so much for putting this together! I can’t wait to stay connected and to learn more on how to bring joy to my life.

I have attended a few summits and have to tell you that I love your hosting! The engagement with your guests and the questions you ask are really the best I have encountered. Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this summit; I have gained so much & taken so many notes & have already shared & started applying many of the nuggets of wisdom!